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Disney In The City Pageant 

Autism Awareness 

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On April 16th 2023, we will be having our first Autism Awareness pageant. This pageant is to help 2 nominated spectrum families with something fun and rewarding to do with their Child(ren). Our contestants ages 1-21 will compete for the tittle of Miss & Mr. Urban North Connecticut. There will be gifts and prizes given to our winners and runner up's. We are looking to see the smile on everyones face and to give back with a purpose. Disney In the city is our theme. We welcome the thrill of Disney into our urban family and cant express how fun this theme really is. From Princess, to Vilians, to the little fish under the sea lets see all of our Disney theme talents and more with our  pageant family.

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Age Groups

There will be maximum of 5 contestants per age group. 

  • Baby Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 1-3

  • Tiny Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 4-7

  • Little Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 8-11​​

  • Jr. Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 12-14

  • Teen Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 15-18

  • Miss/ Mr. Urban North Ct. Ages 19-21

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Whats Included In Registration 

  • 1 Free Urban North Shirt

  • Urban North Pageant Flask/Bottle

  • Marketing materials

  • Digital compcard

  • 1 free headshot 

  • free sponsor book

  • entry into state pageant

  • Pageant meet and greet

What do we win?

  1. ​1st place- Gift Card with set value, Sash, Crown, Certificate, and Urban north pageant custom varsity jackets, Trophy, Photo Shoot and a chance to be in a local parade  

  2. 2nd place- Gift card with set value , sash, certificate, Trophy

  3. 3rd place- Gift card with set value, Certificate & trophy

Registration Fee:

  • From now until February 11th 2023 The registration fee will be $150.00. Which A $50.00 deposit is required During the first 7 days of registering online,The remaining price will be $100.00 that will be due by March 16th 2023. which this date is the final day to register for this event.

  • After February 11th until March 16th all registration fees will be $250.00 Which $50.00 deposit is required during the first 7 days of registering online, The remaining price will be $200.00 which will be due by March 16th. Which is the final day to register 

  • Both registration fees can be paid in sponsorship. Which we have two options for you. If you would like to get sponsorship please answer the option on the application so we can email you the sponsorship examples and information for you to use. 

Do you have what it takes to be your cities next state representative?

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